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Rosemary galore!!
Vegan vanilla+rosemary+carob chip ice cream*
and Dan’s vegan rosemary+choco chip cookies~

*yep, I got it down! and in case it looked misleading, it’s rosemary-infused, not rosemary mixed into ice cream

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Shared cake from Momofuku Milk Bar, thanks to Debbie! Layers of banana cake, banana frosting (?), hazelnuts, Gianduja fudge, and peanut butter. So good! 

Posted 18 hours ago
Vegan rosemary+choco chip cookies?! Yeah, I feel you, Riley…(Made by Dan!)

Vegan rosemary+choco chip cookies?! Yeah, I feel you, Riley…
(Made by Dan!)

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$1.25 per skewer from a cart on Chrystie St & Grand St in Chinatown. These were really delicious grilled goods! I thoroughly enjoyed the perfectly cooked squid. The fish balls were okay; the sauce makes a significant difference. It was interesting to see that they made the effort to cut off the pointy ends of the skewers. Apparently they offer beef and chicken too.

My brother picked these up and informed me that the cart is available during the late hours of the night. Definitely going to take a look myself soon.

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Some of the amazing vegan options at Smorgasburg.

I tried the $8 bacon ranch slider from Chickpea & Olive. So, so, so good. I can’t believe their brioche is vegan - it was a rich (and dare I say, buttery?) goodness. The beet patty was a tad messy with Daiya cheddah and ranch, but it was excellent shit.

My friend tried something from Bunna Cafe, which has a brick & mortar location I’ve been meaning to try myself. I got to sample a bite. Think: lots of spices. :-D

After making a few batches of vegan ice cream, I had to give Alchemy Creamery a try. $6 for two scoops+a topping. I asked for chocolate chai on the bottom and black tea citrus on top, which was topped with a medley of cinnamon, brown sugar, and cardamom. Flavors were good, but I wasn’t really feeling the icy texture of the ice cream. Maybe the thawing wasn’t good on the humid day.