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Posted 2 months ago

See the potential in a canvas… There’s a dog somewhere in all of that cake…
(Dorothy’s birthday cake!)

Posted 2 months ago

Goyee’s little birthday meal at home! Uncle Eddie made his classic ribs (unpictured, but Cassie is nibbling on a bone) and he cooked catfish fillets for the first time. Ermagherd, those were freaking delicious. He basically cooked the marinated fillets en papillote. I still dream of them, they were amazing

Also pictured here are Dustin’s homemade peanut butter cookies. There’s a cake from Whole Foods which I highly discourage; it was raspberry mousse and it couldn’t hold its form AT ALL after the plastic ring was removed.

The last picture shows some homemade toaster pastries (aka Pop Tarts)!

Posted 3 months ago

Chocolate cake from Fay Da Bakery and some homemade hot toddy. (And nothing like a little flower arrangement.)

Posted 5 months ago

Debbie’s surprise of a delicious lychee+rose cake from Dessert Club, ChikaLicious! I’m unsure of its price. I truly enjoyed it; it was kind of like a floral mousse atop a fruity, moist cake. And that rose petal? It’s actually a very thin slice of cake. Beautifully executed in terms of taste and presentation.

Posted 5 months ago

;-) Surprise cake from Derek, boughten from Baskin-Robbins.

There’s a funny little story behind this. First, Derek noticed that out of the 3 cakes available, 2 of them were Halloween-themed. He asked if he could get a discount if he purchased one of them since it’s after Halloween. …His request was denied.

So he went along with the basic-looking one. Derek asked the employee to write the message on the cake, but the guy told him he couldn’t do it because his efforts would ruin the cake. (“No, man… I actually can’t do it… But if you want, you can…”) Derek ended up writing the message himself right there, and every few seconds he would nervously keep jerking his head to check that his CitiBike was still outside, unstolen. Bahahaha.
Lady Luck was smiling down on him. Love it all!